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TRIA Network Systems is creating networking products based on a new approach to defining and managing computer networks and new and improved ways for applications to use them. TRIA will introduce software products for use in embedded networks, private networks, in public and private clouds, and in the public Internet.  TRIA’s technology provides new capabilities that are difficult or impossible with current Internet technology and protocols. Mr. Steve Bunch will represent TRIA in ARCFIRE’s EAB.

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-20 a las 15.45.00Geddes helps communications service providers and their suppliers to make transformational advances by out-thinking and outflanking their competition. We do this by working at the very forefront of knowledge about broadband networks, voice and messaging. By sharing deep and profound insights, we enable otherwise unthinkable improvements in productivity and performance. Mr. Martin Geddes will represent Geddes in ARCFIRE’s EAB.

PrintInteroute owns the largest Next Generation Network covering the European Union, from London to Warsaw, from Stockholm to Sicily and beyond into the Continent’s emerging economies, including Turkey, with nine subsea landing stations ringing the edge of Europe. Supported by 60,000 kilometres of fibre, 21 metropolitan area networks, 8 data centres and 32 collocation centres with local operations in the 26 largest cities of Europe, we serve customers in the 15 major languages of the European Union. Mr. Adam Chappell will represent Interoute in ARCFIRE’s EAB.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.41.38Strategy Analytics has a unique combination of Researchers, Experts and Analytics covering supply side and demand side market dynamics. We work with CEOs, product planners and managers, research managers, product development teams and financial and business managers. Our activities are focused in different sectors such as networks, devices, automotive, intelligent home, media and services, components, IoT ecosystem or UX innovation. Mrs. Sue Rudd will represent Strategy Analytics in ARCFIRE’S EAB.

Druck  Detecon International GmbH, Germany, is a company specialising in management and technology consulting and it is a subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH. The focus of their activities is on the field of digital transformation. They support companies from all areas of business to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of a digitalized economy. Mr. Lothar Reith (Senior Consultant) will represent Detecon International in ARCFIRE’S EAB.