D3.2 Final integrated software: RINA stack; Management System and measurement framework

This document reports on the updates to the RINA implementations and related software that were necessary to enable ARCFIRE large-scale experimentations, starting from the status of the implementation as described in D3.1. The resulting final software suite is able to support networks with hundreds of nodes, thousand of active flows, and several layers of stacked DIFs. This is a large improvement over the software available at the beginning of the project (as of FP7-PRISTINE), which was only able to support up to 30-40 nodes and that many flows. WP3 has focused on stabilising the RINA implementations and implementing the related features, as already reported in D3.1. In the second phase of the project, T3.4 has implemented all the missing features and fixed all the issues that have arisen during the experimentation activities. In particular, much effort has been put in the enhancement and perfection of the Rumba framework, which has played a fundamental role in the automation and reproducibility of the experiment results.

The full document (under EC review) is available at http://ict-arcfire.eu/index.php/research/deliverables/. The table below summarizes the enhancement to the RINA software suite carried out by the ARCFIRE project.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.29.10

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