RINA Workshop 2018 report

Since the early workshops, RINA-based technology has matured significantly over the past few years. There are multiple RINA stack implementations, prototypes of all the key value propositions, fully operational testbeds and test traffic generators, hackathon examples of engaged developers, and clear use cases with immediate industrial application. There are demos of how to transport RINA datagrams over existing chipsets, tunnel it under and over existing protocols, and a roadmap to exploit new capabilities like P4-programmable routers.

RINA is at the transition from ”will this work?” to ”how can we use this productively?”.

The following report provides deep insights in regards to the opportunities open to RINA today, and further below you can find a link to all the presentations made over the 2 days. You can also read this excellent overview of the workshop’s “Industry Day” by Martin Geddes.


Tuesday, May 22nd. Industry day

Ongoing RINA research projects

  • ARCFIRE (Eduard Grasa, Fundació i2CAT)
  • OCARINA (Michael Welzl, University of Oslo)
  • ERASER (Jordi Perelló, UPC)

Implementations and tools

Interactive discussions on use cases, PoCs and exploitation opportunities


Tuesday, May 23rd. Research day

Standards and education

Research projects, experiences and ideas

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