Paper on Distributed Mobility Management in RINA accepted @ IEEE WCNC 2018

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A paper entitled “Mobility management in RINA networks:experimental validation of architectural properties”¬†has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE WCNC 2018 conference in Barcelona. The paper discusses¬†and validates experimentally the architectural properties of RINA that facilitate achieving scalable and efficient distributed mobility management across multiple networks.


Mobility management is a challenging problem in current networks, typically requiring dedicated, specialised protocols that manage the lifetime of a series of tunnels that follow mobile hosts as they roam through the network. The fundamental issue that complicates the mobility management problem is the lack of a complete naming and addressing schema in the current Internet architecture. This paper analyses what properties such schema needs to have, and discusses how Internet mobility solutions are missing parts of it. Then it looks at RINA, a network architecture with a complete naming scheme. Theoretical analysis backed up by experimental validation of the main properties for mobility support shows that managing mobility in RINA networks not only is simpler and easier to scale compared to the Internet situation, but also that no special protocols or mechanisms need to be added to RINA in order to support mobility.

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