Application discovery and mobility demo @ IEEE NFV SDN

The first week of November ARCFIRE researchers enjoyed a couple of sunny days in Berlin attending the IEEE NFV SDN conference. ARCFIRE participated at the demo session, showing how RINA empowers the delivery of Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) use cases by supporting Distributed Mobility Management without tunnels, secure resource slicing, dynamic application discovery across layers and the ability to simultaneously exploit multiple underlying wired/wireless links.


RINA demo setup (4 laptops, 6 Raspberry Pis), showing a small mobile network with a micro-datacentre at the edge

The conference venue provided an interesting and relaxed atmosphere that facilitated a close interaction with the conference participants, being able to discuss with people from industry and academia that were not previously aware of RINA or the ARCFIRE project work.  In addition to the advantages provided by RINA over current network arhictectures, the demo also served as a vehicle to discuss adoption strategies, since it featured IP flows being transported by the RINA-based mobile network.

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