TADHack Global: ARCFIRE – RINA Rumba Winners

What a jam packed 2 weekends of application hacks over at TADHack Global. With locations Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney, Islamabad its satellite Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Kyiv, The Hague, Lagos, Lusaka, St Petersburg, Chicago, and Buenos Aires, on stream 23 – 24 September and Sri Lanka, Pune, Athens, London, Madrid, Paris, and Popayán on stream 29 September – 1st October.

There were well over 150 teams active over the 2 weekends and there were a number of enquiries on the RINA Rumba. The team with the most genuine and well-thought effort was the team from Project Clearwater, that tried Project Clearwater over RINA (nearly) by Matt, Yin, and they were the eventually winners of our prize.

Clearwater is an open source implementation of IMS (the IP Multimedia Subsystem) designed from the ground up for massively scalable deployment in the Cloud to provide voice, video and messaging services to millions of users. The team had some great ideas on making it even easier to get applications running over RINA and while they had some small troubles, there was great progress made with hack. Here’s a link to a blog post and video about Matt and Yin’s experience.


The code from the hack is opensourced and as you may note from the blog post over on the TADHack site Matt and Yin have followed up with the ARCFIRE team to complete the full proof of concept, which has been a great outcome.


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