Paper on MEC demo using RINA accepted @ IEEE NFV SDN conference

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A “demo” paper entitled “Open Multi-Access Edge Computing and Distributed Mobility Management with RINA” has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE NFV SDN conference in Berlin. The paper discusses how RINA can be leveraged to support Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) use cases. We’ll be presenting at the demo session, showing a demonstration of the whole system.


MEC or Multi-Access Edge Computing is a network service delivery architecture that enables cloud computing capabilities at the edge of the access network. Realisation of the MEC vision is challenging with current network technologies: service discovery and routing, secure network slicing and distributed mobility management require complex capabilities in the network. This demo features an OMEC use case realised via RINA, the Recursive Network Architecture. RINA provides interesting properties for OMEC, due to its support for multi-homing, mobility and slicing without special protocols, and security as a first class element of the architecture.

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