Check out our demos at EUCNC: visit the ARCFIRE booth (#9)!

If you are attending EUCNC next week at Oulu, come visit us at booth #9 and we will be able to show you three demos showcasing the ongoing work of the project:

  • Seamless and dynamic renumbering of RINA networks. This demo will show how a RINA network composed of tens of RINA-enabled VMs is continuously being renumbered without breaking running flows or compromising the ability to allocate new ones. This demo will be using the IRATI RINA implementation (, as well as the demonstrator tool ( to setup virtualised RINA experimental scenarios.


  • Distributed Mobility Management in RINA networks. The second demo will feature a proof of concept of RINA’s distributed mobility management capabilities, showcasing a RINA over WiFi scenario. In this demo a RINA-enabled mobile host will roam through 6 RINA-enabled access points attached to a virtualised RINA network. A number of flows in the mobile host to RINA-enabled virtual servers will monitor the delay and packet loss introduced by handovers. This scenario will feature a user-controlled, soft handover approach, with the network running a link-state routing policy (hence no central routing nor setup/tear-down of tunnels is required to handle mobility).


  • Automating RINA deployment and experimentation on FIRE+ testbeds with Rumba. We will demonstrate the Rumba framework for easily bootstrapping large-scale experiments. Rumba fully automates setting up physical or virtual machines in a (usually layer 2) topology locally or on a FIRE+ testbed, installing the RINA software, applying the correct configuration and enrolling a complete hierarchy of RINA DIFs in a matter of minutes. The demo will explain the technology and algorithms used to accomplish this.

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