Distributed Mobility Management demo @ IEEE OMEC Workshop

Last week ARCFIRE researchers were present at the IEEE OMEC Workshop in Lisbon (OMEC stands for Open Multi-Access Edge Computing), colocated with the IEEE IM conference. The OMEC Roadmap Workshop was the 1st of 3 international workshops aimed at building a temporally-focused roadmap to the development of the OMEC architecture. The mission of the Roadmap working group is to identify short (~2 years), mid-term (~4 years) and long-term (~6 years) research, innovation and technology trends in the communications ecosystem which will inform and define OMEC related projects.

ARCFIRE researchers introduced RINA and discussed how the RINA properties can support OMEC use cases via distributed mobility management, security by design or RINA’s built-in support for locating specific instances of distributed applications. The talk was complemented by a demonstration of RINA’s Distributed Mobility Management (DMM) capabilities showing the first versions of RINA over WiFi experimental setups. More information on the demo can be found in the video and slides below. OMEC use cases are one of the experimental scenarios which ARCFIRE is going to investigate in the coming months, as reported in deliverable D4.3.

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