RINA presentations at the 2nd meeting of the ETSI Next Generation Protocols ISG

This week representatives of ARCFIRE partners attended the second ETSI NGP ISG meeting that took place in Sophia-Antipolis (France). Some ARCFIRE partners are actively participating in this group – whose goal is to re-architect the current communications protocols stack. During the meeting, ARCFIRE partners presented and discussed three contributions:


  • A tutorial on how layers have been used in network and internetwork architectures to isolate different scopes, allocate resources in a divide-and-conquer fashion and allow networks to scale. RINA’s recursive structure emerges as a generalization of the repeating layering pattern observed in many architectures.
  • A tutorial on the objects and names required for a complete computer network naming and addressing theory, and an analysis of the problems that happen when a subset of the object names/addresses are missing (such as in the current Internet).
  • A study on the different Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN technologies that have been proposed in the last years, analyzing their uses of layering to allow the VPN provider to scale to a large number of customers with potentially large networks.

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