Conference papers

  • Eduard Grasa, Leonardo Bergesio, Miquel Tarzan, Diego Lopez, John Day, Lou Chitkushev. “Seamless Network Renumbering in RINA: Automate Address Changes Without Breaking Flows!“. EUCNC 2017
  • Liam Fallon, John Keeney and Sven van der Meer. “Distributed Management Information Models“. IEEE IM 2017.

  • Liam Fallon, John Keeney, Mark McFadden, John Quilty and Sven van der Meer. “Using the COMPA Autonomous Architecture for Mobile Network Security“. IEEE IM 2017.


  • (In collaboration with FP7 PRISTINE) Miquel Tarzan, Leonardo Bergesio, Dimitri Staessens, Peyman Teymoori, Vladimir Vessely and Vincenzo Maggione; “Tutorial 1. RINA: A future-proof approach towards re-architecting the infocomms protocol stack supporting Cloud, IoT and beyond 5G requirements“. European Conference on Networks and Communications (EUCNC 2016), Athens, June 2016.